quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

"The way out" - Demolishing Strongholds with Dave Barker (Noway90)

"The way out" - Demolishing Strongholds with Dave Barker (Noway90)

Dave Barker is the Radio Host at the Blog Talk Radio show "Is there noway out". He is a follower of Christ and also an american patriot with a strong affiliation with the Men and Women who Serve in the Military. 
On a time when all the world gets drunk with the poisonous wines served on the lustful palaces of Babylon, Dave and his house resist, as Daniel and his friends, to all religious maneuvers and political threats of this corrupted system of spiritual slavery.  
Dave will join us Saturday 25th, 5:30 pm EST, to share the story of his journey with The Lord, in the spiritual ark that God told him to build, to resist all the waves of darkness that are trying to drown the freedom of the true worshipers of the biblical God, on this worldwide flood of deception and corruption.

Dave`s show page: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nowayoutradionetwork

Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jose-palhinhas/2016/06/25/the-way-out--demolishing-strongholds-with-dave-barker-noway90

sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2016

Shawn Weed's Testimony \ Testemunho de Shawn Weed

This is the incredible testimony by the military veteran Shawn Weed, about his incredible journey on the way to hell while he was dead for 15 minutes. Listen to the detailed account and his rescue so he could tell others how to realy  be saved! Hell is real but you can be saved! You certainly don't get to heaven by just saying you are a Christian and believing in Jesus and leading a halfway type of Christian life!
Friday, June 10, 4:30 pm PST \ 5:30 pm MST \ 6:30 pm CST \ 7:30 pm EST 

Este é o incrível testemunho do veterano militar Shawn Weed, sobre sua incrível jornada a caminho do inferno enquanto esteve morto por 15 minutos. Ouça o relato detalhado e seu resgate para que ele pudesse dizer aos outros como realmente ser salvo! O inferno é real, mas você pode ser salvo! Você certamente não chegará ao céu por apenas dizer que você é um cristão e acreditar em Jesus e vivendo um "meio caminho" de vida cristã!
Sexta feira, 10 de Junho, 23:30h em Portugal \ 19:30h Brasília